The Dallas/Fort Worth VMware User Group (DFW VMUG) is an independent, member-led community for technology professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. DFW VMUG holds smaller meetings throughout the year, larger meetings once a quarter, and hosts a USERCON after VMworld USA, all FREE to members.

The DFW VMUG fosters community, knowledge sharing, training, collaboration and networking at each of our hosted events. JOIN us and share your experiences, enter to win prizes and get involved in the technology community today. Our events focus on VMware technologies, VMware partner technologies including automation, cloud computing, end user computing, storage, security and much more. If you’re just looking for a way to connect with fellow professionals to further your career, we do that too.

Meet the Leadership Team

Layne Eckert

A member of the DFW VMUG since the THR meetups in Arlington. This guy has been loving the peer networking and camaraderie of this group since the dawn of time. He claims joining the leadership team in 2014 was the best 2nd and 3rd job he’s ever had.

VMware vExpert 2016-2022

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Wences Michel

A USMC veteran with over 30 years of IT experience and a lot of breadths of various technologies. I am on a continuous journey as a lifelong learner, and always excited to give back to the community. Partnering with our membership to help put the “user” back into the user group. Thanks for the opportunity to serve, and I am grateful to each of you, as without you there is no community. Please feel free to ping me on how we can improve, and also share your ideas on growing the community. A toast to community and to living the dream! Salute!

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John McConnell

John has been a part of the DFW VMUG since 2012 where he’s provided hands-on team leadership and guidance to make sure things happen and keep us moving forward.

With over 20 years in the industry, John has been an innovator and leader for technology in SLED and is heavily involved in local associations for first responders.

VMware vExpert 2017-2023

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Brandon Seymour

Brandon has been a VMUG member since 2013, originally active in Rochester/Central New York where he originally served as a Leader. Moving to DFW in 2022, he became an active member of the community very quickly.

With over 20 years in the industry, Brandon honed expertise in Microsoft technologies, VMware virtualization, storage design, network infrastructure, and cloud innovations.

VMware vExpert 2011-2022

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Brian Courtney

Brian has been a DFW VMUG member since 2017, joining the Steering Committee in 2020.

He’s super secretive and likes to be behind the scenes. That said, look for the guy with the MAGNIFICENT beard – that’s him.

Ryan Patel

Ryan has been a DFW VMUG member since 2016, joining the Steering Committee in 2020.

A driven, results-oriented, highly competent Cloud Architect with more than 20 years of experience with large scale datacenter design including Hybrid-Cloud & Software-Defined architectures.

VMware vExpert 2018-2022
VMware vExpert PRO 2022-2023

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Scott Forehand

Scott has been involved with the DFW VMUG since 2014, joining the Steering Committee in 2018 and loves bringing the community together.

A Dallas Stars fan, a really, really terrible golfer, and an experienced professional and recognized leader specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise virtualization, enterprise storage, server infrastructures and operations.

VMware vExpert 2018-2023
VMware vExpert EUC 2020-2023

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Meet the Steering Committee

Brandon Graves

Brandon has been involved with the DFW VMUG since moving here in 2020, joining the Steering Committee in 2021.

A technology expert with over 15 years in the industry specializing in virtualization, storage and hyperconverged infrastructures. He enjoys long, but not too long, walks on the beach and has been involved in other technology groups including Tech Field Day.

VMware vExpert 2016-2022
VMware vExpert vSAN 2017

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Nathan Bennett

Brandon has been involved with the DFW VMUG since 2018, joining the Steering Committee in 2021.

VMware vExpert 2017-2022

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